• Cyber Security

    Cyber Security is evolving from just using antivirus and firewalls to keep the bad actors out to using advance analytics, to include big data, cloud security solutions and behavioral analysis to not only minimize the chance of a successful intrusion but also to identify and control the intrusion once it does happen, whether from external or internal actors. We use non-standard analysis, pattern, and trend identification tools across large quantities of unstructured data to flag vulnerabilities before security intrusions occur or to spot an intrusion as it is happening.

    Cyber Security
  • Information Technology

    Castalia Systems provides highly skilled professionals across the entire spectrum of IT to include the design, development, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems. With the trend to cloud solutions, virtualization, thin clients, bring your own device (BYOD), portals, and applications, the speed of a small business like Castalia Systems allows you to react and implement these emerging technologies in minimal time.

    Information Technology
  • Intelligence Analysis

    Castalia Systems specializes in conducting a wide range of intelligence analysis covering biometric, open-source, all-source, signals, cyber, social media, and behavioral. As an example, we use all-source cyber and counterintelligence analysts and behavioral scientists to develop, implement and monitor technical solutions to identify “triggers” for early and holistic insider threat detection. Castalia Systems is rapidly building the reputation as the perfect partner to augment a company’s intelligence analysis solution to evolving threats.

    Intelligence Analysis
Castalia Systems is a 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)/Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) positioned at the intersection of advanced technology and intelligence analysis. We are experts in all aspects of Cyber Security, Information Technology and Intelligence Analysis. We provide robust expertise with our cyber, counterintelligence, and all-source analysts, as well as, advanced Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention professionals and doctoral level Behavioral Scientists.


Network Threat Analysis
Network Defense Architectures
Intrusion Detection
Vulnerability Assessments
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System Administration
Network Engineering
Installation Operations & Maintenance
Web/Portal Development
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All-Source Signals Intelligence
Social Media
Cyber Intelligence
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Working at Castalia Systems
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Castalia Systems provided exactly what we needed in a very short time frame and at a discount to our expectations. They managed to fill the hardest positions and have had 100% retention. I would recommend them to anyone looking to augment their cyber offerings.” – Fortune 100 Supply Chain Manager