Cyber Security


Cyber Security is evolving from just using antivirus and firewalls to keep the bad actors out to using advance analytics, to include big data, cloud security solutions and behavioral analysis to not only minimize the chance of a successful intrusion but also to identify and control the intrusion once it does happen, whether from external or internal actors. We use non-standard analysis, pattern, and trend identification tools across large quantities of unstructured data to flag vulnerabilities before security intrusions occur or to spot an intrusion as it is happening.

We are well-versed in Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Information Assurance, Vulnerability Assessments, Certification and Accreditation, Malware Analysis, Forensics and Behavioral Analysis. Castalia Systems is a proven company providing Intrusion Detection, Counterintelligence, Cyber and All-Source Analysts, and Behavioral Scientists to develop, implement, and maintain technical measures to identify and contain internal and external threats and increase your cyber defense readiness posture.

Castalia professionals are positioned to operate at the intersect of advanced technology and applied behavioral sciences to resolve the challenge of detecting and defending against Cyber Threats. In addition to our highly skilled IDS/IPS professionals, Castalia Behavioral Scientists offer their unique and highly specialized skill sets to identify, develop, implement and validate cyber threat triggers or behavioral rule sets. Castalia solutions are designed specifically to inform analytical systems calculated to reveal suspected anomalous and illicit conduct. When national security and or corporate resources are on the line, Castalia clients can and have been assured the best defensive and detection strategies have been deployed to protect priceless assets.