software & systems dev

The IT infrastructure landscape has undergone exponential changes over the past decade. The shift to agile cloud computing platforms, shared storage and data, and dynamic applications has brought huge benefits to organizations looking to thrive and grow through the use of advanced applications and services. While DevOps applications have stormed ahead in terms of speed, scale and functionality, they are often lacking in robust security and compliance. For this reason, DevSecOps was introduced into the software development lifecycle to bring development, operations and security together under one umbrella.

SYSTEM architecture

Castalia Systems uses DevSecOps to develop and deploy solutions faster, more securely, and more efficiently than through traditional infrastructure engineering approaches. We leverage enhanced automation throughout the software delivery pipeline to eliminate mistakes and reduces downtime.

Our containerized DevSecOps solutions can be stood up quickly to save development teams months of work on new or legacy projects. Our processes include built-in quality control and automated security testing.


AUTOMATION – it is all about speed of delivery. Delivery time does not need to be compromised because of security. and this doesn’t need to be compromised just because you are adding security to the mix. By embedding automated security controls and tests early in the development cycle,  we can ensure fast delivery of applications.

EFFICIENCY – We add security to workflows. By using tools that can scan code it is written we can find security issues early.

THREAT MODELING – We discover the vulnerabilities of assets and fix any gaps in security controls early through modeling. Our wide use of tools can help to identify the riskiest events occurring across an infrastructure and build the necessary protection into workflows.


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