Data Collection
Collection Solutions

Our advanced sensor systems (Collectors) integrate and disseminate information rapidly to give commanders superior situational awareness and targeting solutions. We provide and support major surface ship radar systems and state-of-the-art land-based radars. We have leading capability in Cryo-Cooled MASINT and FORNSAT Monitoring. We emphasize security and speed on our sensors, designing edge based processing to reduce the amount of information being transmitted, allowing for less bandwidth and increased security.

EO/IR Based Space Situational Awareness (SA)

EO/IR systems cover a wider range of distinct technologies based on the targets and mission to be accomplished. Target phenomenology often dominates the choice of spectral band, which is influenced by atmospheric effects. Machine Learning models are developed and implemented to provide best collection capability, specifcally to address those enviromental affects.

Our unique Ground-Based Electro-Optical sensor networks plays a vital role in tracking space objects. More than 2,500 objects, including geostationary communication satellites, are in deep space orbits varying in altitude from 10,000 to 45,000 kilometers from earth. Approximately 25,000 known man-made objects orbit the earth. These objects range from active payloads, such as weather monitoring satellites or Global Positioning System satellites, to “space junk” such as rocket bodies from previous satellite launches or debris from past satellite breakups.

Our sensors perform its mission using multiple cameras to create a wide area view. Our sensors then capture the sky, and combine with the other sensors in the network create a complete picture space surrounding the Earth. Our system then processes the images, identifying known and unknown objects. Our system provides alerts and situational awareness of man-made objects. Through the use of AI, our system is able to provide awareness on the activities of the objects, providing less guess work on what the intentions of the objects are.

Long Range Awareness with MASINT Sensors

The US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) describes Measurements and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) as “capturing and measuring the intrinsic characteristics and components of an object or activity.” MASINT is a tool for not only states but also a variety of non-state or quasi-state actors, or even individuals. The sensors and components utilized are often commercially available. With the variety of out-of-the-box uses for MASINT, it is a critical part of a state’s tradecraft toolbox. Its availability allows it to be used by almost any actor. Intelligence collection methods of other kinds will also gain greater detail through MASINT collection operations. MASINT, for example, is often used to reinforce imaging or signal collection.

Our team has developed and delivered Cryogenic Cooled sensors, which increases the sensitivity to allow a range that pushes the edge of physics. Our Cryo-Cooled system, along with a custom AI built system allows for collection of instantaneous bandwidth (500 MHz to 21.75 GHZ) and unrivaled sensitivity (-158 dBm/Hz). Our system allows analysts to see across the spectrum while at the same time, able to identify Signals of Interest within the noise.

Weather Awareness

Weather strongly impacts the safety and operations of missions. Operational abilities can be impaired by severe weather conditions like snow, rain, or strong winds. Our integrated weather intelligence system combined with Machine Learning models to provide strategic and tactical mission planning and execution. Our system integrates with world wide sensors, world advisories, and tracks and monitors local observations. These combined create a low-cost monitoring and alerting system. Our system can be tuned for specific Maritime or Aeronautic missions.