Data Management

Our skilled and certified professionals assist customers to maximize productivity across the entire enterprise including the design, development, implementation, and management of complex Information Technology (IT) Systems.

Technology evolves at ever-increasing speeds, thus, legacy applications and systems become incompatible preventing many organizations from taking advantage of new and efficient technologies. Castalia works with customers to modernize legacy systems (e.g. COBOL, Fortran) to improve functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency using new technologies like cloud and mobile computing. For organizations relying on legacy technology, the promise of digital transformation might seem like a far-off dream, but we can help.

Castalia successfully completed several legacy system and application migrations, particularly on the conversion of legacy systems into cloud-native architectures. Castalia provides highly skilled professionals across the entire spectrum of IT to include the design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer-based information systems. With the trend to cloud solutions, virtualization, thin clients, bring your own device, portals, and applications, the speed of a small business like Castalia allows customers to react and implement these emerging technologies.

No matter where an organization is on in their modernization journey, Castalia helps address evolving operational demands, leverages enterprise technology investments, and builds a reliable foundation for future innovation.


With big data volumes rapidly approaching yottabyte levels, achieving the end game of data management and analytics grows more complex and challenging. Mission success hinges on in-depth understanding of each step in this process. We define and transform Big Data using the three Vs: Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

Castalia takes a structured approach to developing big data management systems that deliver results. Our ability to transform big data is comprised of robust ingest engines and data lakes, fault-tolerant databases for unstructured data, programming models for processing large data sets, query engines with instrumentation to support robust missions, and analytics. We provide open and extensible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Big Data support to facilitate visualizations that reveal trends, network affiliations and other details that might not be immediately evident.

Castalia maintains the quality and integrity of data and ensures that it is readily accessible, easily searchable, and expediently available for analysis. Our proven approach increases efficiency, improves accuracy, and enhances effectiveness of customer data-focused activities.

Cloud-Based Soultions
Cloud Computing

Our Secure cloud solutions are developed to support an organization in effectively implementing or migrating to a cloud environment. From initial phase of cloud adoption, to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, we provide a wide range of qualified experts and methodolods to help increase speed and optimizes performance, while maximizing cost efficiencies.

We deliver cloud solutions that use the best available technologies and methods. We pioneered secure, enterprise cloud solutions for some of the largest Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and civilian U.S. Government agencies. With our proprietary development processes and strategic alliances with top cloud platform and service providers, we build and operate private, hybrid, and shared cloud computing environments for all enterprise situations. We address the complex challenges of transitioning from legacy systems through our "lift and optimize" methodology. We tackle every customer initiative with security and mission success as our focus.

Castalia Systems is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for the US Government. We develop, provision, and support integrated, secure, mission-critical cloud solutions across all data classes.

  • We deliver on-prem or off-prem cloud-based computing support as managed services, shared services, or subscription-based as-a-service solutions.
  • Our Cloud Migration methodology guides implementation of architecture and infrastructure and organizational change management.