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Research and Development
Research Development

Research and development underpin nearly all the transformative changes we see on our World. Research is needed to address our largest problems, both old and new. The world needs innovations in clean energy to tackle climate change, in agriculture to feed a growing population, and developments in medical to tackle the multitude of growing medical challenges. Castalia Systems recognizes that research is vital to address emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and cryo-technology. This is why we have established our internal Research and Development program named: CasLab. Below are some general areas we are currently exploring.


Our R&D projects strive to accelerate productivity, provide data insight, and improve performance. We create high quality shared datasets and environments for accessible training and testing which directly aligns with AI performance. Our aim is to reduce the data process costs while increasing quality and decreasing timelines.

Data Science

We research methods in which to advance business efficiencies, shorten innovation and project cycles, and improve the overall product. We seek to improve functionality, performance, easier identification of patterns, gaps, and threats. We use machine learning techniques to automate analytical tasks. Castalia looks for ways to gather big data from various sources and enhance tools to organize, structure and clean data and a more efficient and intuitive manner.

Cloud Computing

We focus on improving services, streamlining management and maintenance, and ensuring the growth adaptability and potential. Castalia performs algorithmic testing and market simulation platforms to enhance the basic computer processes. We create new methods of sorting and searching data to improve user efficiency, increase security, make data easily accessible to internal and external users and techniques to automate analytical tasks.

Cyber Security

Castalia researches new methods on how to detect intrusions to assess threats at both the agency level and user level. We provide S&T innovation in creating innovative processes that protect against enemy asymmetrical attempts by applying an understanding how to assess cyber risks and apply to right cyber methods.

Applied Engineering

We collaborate with multiple institutes and researchers to create systems that accomplish their objectives in real-world scenarios and in unpredictable surroundings. Our engineers develop complex control and autonomous systems, from concept to realization, for a variety of prototypes. We utilize the applied research approach to work on a wide variety of capabilities