Data Exploitation
Mission Operations
Intelligence Support

Our approach combines expertise in a variety of areas. We can provide intelligence analysts for open (OSINT) and all source, signals (SIGINT), cyber threats, imagery (IMINT) and geospatial analysis and support (GEOINT), and human based intelligence (HUMINT) as well as counterintelligence. Our team of highly trained and cleared professional analysts are experts in all analysis tools. This expertise allows us to cover the entire intelligence life cycle from Direction through Collection, Processing, Analysis, and Dissemination, and ultimately, to Feedback.

We provide deep expertise in defense and intelligence mission operations through an experienced global workforce. We support tailored operations against specific targets, as well as enterprises, with the flexibility and rapid response demanded by our customers.

Our deliberately selected, highly-skilled professionals support mission partners in protecting against a spectrum of conventional and asymmetric threats. Our experts are motivated, innovative professionals who use unique practices, tools, and technologies to addresses our customers’ most difficult requirements.

GEOINT Solutions

Whether it is Imagery Intelligence, Geospatial Analysis, or Photogrammetric Image Science, our team of experts supports the Exploitation and Analysis of it all! We analyze and exploit imagery to analyze military force structure, capabilities, intentions, vulnerabilities of adversaries and potential adversaries, weapons proliferation, emerging technologies, and treaty monitoring.

Our solutions include utilizing geographic information science and technology, spatial thinking, remote sensing, GIS, intelligence issues, and social and physical sciences to create information, characterize events, and discover relationships and trends. We apply advanced techniques to measure precise dimensions or relative size of objects on imagery. Castalia's Team creates customized methodologies and products to address geospatial intelligence problems at all levels.

All Source Exploitation

Our team develops creative solutions to answer analytic questions and solve difficult problems. Our experts conduct research, develops strategies, and analyzes foreign target intelligence to produce reports and recommendations, this includes the analysis of a nation's ability to mobilize and sustain its armed forces, destroy strategic and tactical targets, employ denial and deception, and achieve specified wartime objectives.

Our team has expert knowledge of geographic, regional, and cultural aspects to produce analytic summaries and reports for key decision-makers to safeguard personnel, information, facilities, systems operations, and plans. We evaluate basic and applied sciences and technologies with warfare potential and assess the characteristics, capabilities and limitations of foreign weapons systems.

We currently perform the research for planning and evaluating of major geographical areas with worldwide implications. Our Areas of expertise include counterintelligence, counterproliferation, counterterrorism, cultural expertise, cyber, languages, scientific and technical intelligence, with specialization in different subject matter, including political, science and technology, weapons proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction.

Signals Geolocation

Castalia supports high-priority missions through precision signals geolocation with systems that measure time/frequency difference of arrival (TDOA/FDOA). These solutions enable a small group of sensors to provide nearly instantaneous location estimates for signals of interest, making them especially impactful to our customers’ missions.